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Orclahoma Weekend XII SWAG Pack

Orclahoma Weekend XII SWAG Pack

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This is the full OBW XII SWAG pack - the weather token(See below) designed and produced by Charlie Victor, the Pedro Ramos Waagh drummer, a sticker and 4 sets of dice! 2 from each tournament!
As it's a pack, it's a discount. 

Weather token is 2 sided. Each head on each head spins independently.
The Goblin side has the normal weather and the Orc side has the Orclahoma Bowl Weather, which is:
1 Dustbowl (Combine effects of 2 and 3)
2 Drought (Sweltering Heat)
3 Windy (Very Sunny)
4-5 Perfect Day
6 Downpour (Pouring Rain) 
7 Muddy Mess (Blizzard)
8 Tornado (Combine effects of 6, 7)

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