About Us

Who are we and what are we doing?
We're fans of the game and looking to share that as much as possible.

To go more in depth, this is the brainchild of Steve from Both Down podcast and the World Cup Report podcast. Having co-hosted the podcasts and tournaments in Oklahoma since 2011, we've got lots of experience in shipping items to friends and fans around the world.

We've also known for a while that people love dice and other SWAG from tournaments. When traveling, people love to trade. When they can't trade, they will purchase leftover dice and have them shipped.
The problem with this is that how do you know what SWAG is out there if you're an ocean away, or across the country or just don't get out to tournaments much?
That's where this comes into play.

Let us handle all the hard stuff. We can promote everything here, find people who want your items and ship around the world no problem!

Who's the Big Deal?
Our friendly mascot is Emirp and Olik, a 2 headed goblin created by Steve Wolfhard from Adventure Time that is inspired by us, Steve and Scott from Both Down. Both Down/Big Deal/BD. It all ties together...