Want your SWAG sold?

We have 2 ways of helping you out: Commission and No Risk.

In this option, you send your SWAG and we sell it and keep a portion to cover our costs, time and service.
This can result in higher return for you, but slower payout as you only get paid when things sell.

No Risk:
In this option, we purchase your SWAG for a set price and take all the risk of making sure it gets sold. This is good to get a quick return instead of waiting to see if stuff sells, but the price is much lower.


Want help getting your SWAG made?

What we offer:
Have an idea for something? Dice? Pitch? Figure?
We have lots of contacts for creating SWAG of all types. Let us know your idea and what you need/want and we can discuss it.

Want more info on either of those?
Check out our Contact Us page.